Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tastes Like Sprite

Beverage options in our house tend to be limited.  Usually there is a choice between water and milk.  So as little ones our kids didn't have a lot of exposure to soda.
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When Imagination boy had his first taste of soda, it happened to be Sprite, he didn't like it at all.  It was too fizzy and strong tasting for him.

For a couple years after that anytime he tasted something new that he didn't like (which means almost anything new he tasted) he would solemnly announce, "That tastes like Sprite"

"Sprite" became the stand in for any strong taste.

A spicy barbecue sauce on the chicken: tastes like Sprite

Salsa:  tastes like Sprite

Spinach salad:  tastes like Sprite

Dark Chocolate:  tastes like Sprite

His taste buds have evolved a bit.  He now loves Sprite and Coke although he still prefers his meat bland.  And he adores salsa and chips although he mostly waves the chips in the general direction of the salsa consuming the maximum amount of chip to the minimum amount of salsa.

But we still joke about tastes like sprite.

How often to we do that in life, reject something out of hand.  Quickly categorize it as unacceptable in some way so we can just stick with the old familiar comfortable things.  Sometimes we need to learn to branch out and taste new things.

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