Thursday, April 18, 2013


I am not fond of waiting.
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Not that I know anyone that is.

There are many kinds of waiting and some are a lot worse than others.

First there is the everyday waiting
-waiting in the doctor's office for your appointment
-waiting while the oil is changed in your car
-waiting for kids to come out from a school activity

I must say my iPhone changed my attitude towards this kind of waiting.  Now I always have a book to read with me.

Then there is that same kind of waiting but with pressure added.  Like any of the above when you have somewhere to be or something to do and the minutes are ticking by and you have no control and...

Then there is the waiting where you think maybe there is something you can do but you aren't sure what and any choice you make might just make things worse.

And the waiting for something deeply longed for or greatly feared and you don't know if it will happen or not and the agony of uncertainty is keeping you up nights.

Waiting is hard.  My current season of waiting has taught me how much I hate not being in control.  No surprise there and I'm not so different than others.

Waiting comes to us all and the best we can do is calmly weather through it.  I am grateful that I know someone much greater than me is in control.  Cause frankly, even when I think I can plan things so much better than God seems to be doing, I'm wrong.

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