Saturday, April 12, 2014

How to Throw a Surprise Party Part 2

So we can all agree that it is easier to surprise a baby than an adult but...

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We also threw a surprise party for my mom when she turned 50 a few years later.  We did completely surprise her but this isn't quite as impressive since we threw it exactly 1 month early.  My parents lived on the west coast at the time but they were back near family for my college and my brother's seminary graduation.

We held the party at our apartment where my parents were staying.  Dad's job was to get Mom out of the house for a couple hours so we could set up and the guests could arrive.

"No problem," he said, "I have a long list of romantic memories spots in this town that I can bring her to."  The car pulled out and a frenzy of cleaning, cooking and arranging began.

15 minutes later they were back.  Mom had thought of something very important she had to tell us about my disabled sister that we were babysitting.*  Luckily we lived up a long flight of stairs and the Professor spotted the car pulling in.  Veggie trays were thrust under beds, balloons popped into closets, a just baked tray of goodies thrust under the bed.

"Smells like baking in here, what are you making?"
"Oh, you're moving furniture around. Why?"
"Are you sure you are okay babysitting?  I think we should just stay here Bob"

Finally he got her back out the door.  When they came back 2 hours later the apartment was full of old friends, cousins, aunts and uncles.  She was totally surprised despite all the earlier clues.

Successful Surprise Party Rule # 2:  Do it a month early.

*The dark days before cell phones.  I'm telling you people, it's hard to remember how we survived.

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  1. So fun to envision this....and how DID we survive before cell phones?