Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Maps of the World Shoe Shelf

Here another example of creation I think my Dad would be proud of.

There were 2 problems to solve.

Number One:  Among the oodles of stuff to be dealt with were a huge pile of maps: maps in storage from before we went overseas, maps from our travels around Europe before we had a GPS, and maps of Japan, way too many maps.

But who uses paper maps anymore.  Not a family where everyone carries a smart phone and we have a GPS system for each car.

But the Professor was horrified by the thought of recycling or donating the maps.  Given my certainty that we would never ever use them I was horrified by the thought of keeping them.

Problem number two:  After six years in Japan the absolute necessity of taking off our shoes at the door is ingrained in all of us.  Life any other way is unimaginable.  But unlike our house in Japan which like all good houses should had a separate entryway with space specifically for the removal and storage of shoes upon entry, this house has no such luxury.  There is very little space by the front door.

What to do, what to do.

Here is my solution:

It started with a couple of shoe shelves that we harvested from the neighbors trash.*  There were in rough shape and paint alone wasn't going to cut it.  Plus there were only two of them.  I could buy two more that were almost but not quite the right size.  

"You could just buy two more new ones and put these back out in the trash," one of the children suggested.

"Don't be silly," I responded.  "I just need to cover them with something."

And thus the Maps of the World Shoe Shelf was born.

Here is a work in progress shot

A little Mod Podge, a pair of scissors and an hour or so of work and two birds with one stone.
We get to enjoy our maps everyday and have a place to put our shoes.  

Win win.

Now all I have to do is get the entire family to actually put their shoes on the shelf every time. 
Suggestions anyone?

*Oldest Girl is horrified by what her parents drag home when walking the dog.  The Professor is horrified by what people throw away.


  1. I love this. It's fantastic. Makes me wish I hadn't thrown away our maps. ::snort:: I'm really impressed at how craft you've become. I can imagine Oldest Girl's horror as you return from walking the dog. ::grin::

  2. Loved putting our shoes on that shelf!