Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Blender Breakfast

My Dad loved technology.  He especially loved putting technology to creative uses that others wouldn't think of.  Sometimes this worked and sometimes...not so much.
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When I was in middle school my mom went back to work.  Her shift went from 6 am to 2 pm so it fell on Dad to get us kids up and out the door in the morning.

My dad was many things but a modern hands on, diaper changing, omelet baking kind of dad he was not.  Like most men who came of age in the 50's, the only cooking he did was outdoors.

Mom was a bit concerned about leaving Dad in charge of feeding us a nutritious breakfast.  (For mom, despite the advertisements on the Fruit Loops box, a nutritious breakfast must include a cooked egg in some form or another.)   She informed me that as the oldest daughter, it was my job to supervise Dad in the kitchen and make sure he did it right.

That first morning I stumbled into the kitchen to supervise Dad.  He was cheerfully singing to himself as he prepared breakfast.  He cracked several eggs into the blender.  I figured the blender was a bit of overkill for scrambled eggs and certainly not the way Mom would do it but I could let it slide.

Then he picked up the raw bacon and started to add that.

"Stop" I shouted.

"Why?"  he asked, genuinely perplexed.  "Bacon and eggs taste great together.  I always crumble the bacon and then add the eggs in the same pan when we are camping.  Putting it all in the blender first just saves a step."

"Dad, you can't blend raw bacon and eggs.  It won't cook right."

"Sure I can.  It will be fine.  My way will be more efficient."

"Dad, the bacon won't cook and you will poison us all."

"It'll work great."

There was no stopping him.  I had failed Mom I reflected as I sat down to my incomplete breakfast of Fruit Loops with no egg.

No one but Dad ate the eggs.  He insisted they were delicious, but that was the last time he tried to use the blender to make breakfast.

Small kitchen appliances are a wonderful thing, but the blender is not the answer to all meal prep situations.

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