Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sing out loud and proud

Music girl loves music.
jDevaun via photopin cc

She will sing anywhere, anytime, for any reason. She sings with emotion and passion and has for as long as she has been able to sing.

When she was little, heads would turn with a smile in church to see where that loud little voice was coming from.

Thankfully, she sings very well.

Music is her form of expression.

She skipped ahead in her piano book to teach herself to play the song, "Go Down Moses"*

She would play this whenever she was feeling particularly oppressed like if I asked her to do something totally unreasonable like put away her clean laundry or set the table for dinner.

The more upset she was, the louder she played.

Music girl is easy to spot at her choir concerts.  She no longer sings at a volume twice that of anyone else but she has no hesitation or fear of expressing emotion with her face while she sings.

At her grandfather's funeral she sang a solo acapella.  It was her tribute, her eulogy.

So keep singing and playing Music girl.  Sing out loud and proud.

* Lyrics: When Israel was in Egypt's Land,
                Oppressed so hard they could not stand,
                Let my people go.
                Go down, Moses,
                Way down in Egypt's Land.
                Tell ol' Pharoah,
                Let my people go.

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