Sunday, March 10, 2013

Paint Your Toenails in the Winter

quinn.anya via photopin cc
Why would anyone paint their toenails in the winter?  After all if you live anywhere with genuine seasons you always have socks on (and probably slippers, shoes, or boots as well).  Nobody but you even sees your toes and even you only see them rarely.

And that's your answer.

On a cold winter morning--when you wake up to see a driveway piled high with snow that needs to be shoveled and you check to see if maybe, just maybe, please sweet Jesus, it might be a snow day and it isn't--stepping into that nice warm shower and glancing down at your brightly painted toenails reminds you that flip flop weather will return.

Or after taking the dog for his bedtime walk in the freezing cold, when you soak in the tub, the sight of your terrific toes perched on either side of the faucet brings a grin to your face.

Some parts of beauty can be just for you.  Celebrate them.

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