Saturday, May 25, 2013

A peak in to Imagination Boy's mind

Imagination Boy's mind works in strange and mysterious ways its wonders to perform.
Image courtesy of Suwit Ritjaroon /

It isn't too often that we get a glimpse into its workings but it is usually interesting when we do.

Tonight we played an old game that didn't get packed by the movers because an essential part didn't work.

The Professor was convinced that with tender loving care we could get it to work and he was right.

The game involves drawing pictures and guessing what they are, kind of like Pictionary but faster paced since all teams draw the same thing at the same time.

Imagination Boy and I were a team and he was drawing.  He drew what looked like a go-cart and got very excited when I guessed that so I was clearly on the right track but not there yet.

Next he drew a wedge of cheese.

I couldn't figure out the connection between cheese and the almost but not quite go-cart.

So he drew a flag.

This wasn't helping.

Time ran out.

Turns out the answer was buggy.  Imagination Boy was trying to draw a moon buggy.  So of course to get me to think of the moon he drew cheese.

Of course.

I don't know why I didn't think of that.


  1. Oh, Mary, obviously you don't play that game enough with Imagination Boy. Why would you think of anything but the moon when you saw him draw cheese?!?!!?? What great memories of the last days when you're on loaner furniture and eating "clean out the cabinets" for every meal! (:

  2. Yeah, there is something scary in the crockpot right now. The kids can't wait for dinner every night :)

  3. How fun! Great memories of pictionary over the years....the all time funniest was when a 6 yo got the word "bottom" and proceeded to draw a...well...bottom. Never knew there were so many terms for the same body part. LOL