Thursday, May 23, 2013

Different Kids, different approaches

We have passed a major hurdle in the moving process.  Our furniture and the vast bulk of our worldly possessions have been boxed and crated and begun the long, slow journey to our new home.

For the next few weeks we are minimalists living with the few items we held back and loaner furniture.

The loaner furniture arrived just as the children were getting home from school.  Once it was in place I sent the three children to their rooms to organize their stuff for the next few weeks.

Half an hour later Oldest Girl's room looked like this:

Actually, this is a bit of a sloppy job for Oldest Girl.  Those hangers are not perfectly evenly spaced and the clothing is not sorted by color.  But she is sick so we'll cut her some slack.

This is how Music Girl's room looked:

Note the suitcase near but not emptied in to the dresser.    There is no picture of the closet because there is nothing in it.

And finally, we have Imagination Boy:

Don't be fooled by the towel hanging up.  That is only there because I pulled the wet towel off of his pile of clothes and hung it up.   I suggested he might want to put his clothes into a dresser and he gave me a look of complete bafflement as if he couldn't understand how anyone would think that was a good idea when there was plently of space right there on the closet floor.

It often amazes me how three children born in the space of less than four years to the same parents can be so different.


  1. Ahhh, I remember the days of loaner furniture. Those beds are pretty hard. You may need to sleep on top of several quilts to make them bearable. Hubby and I finally ended up on our air mattress and were much happier after that! (:

  2. Love this post, Mary. Smiling as I imagine you settling in to your new adventure.... And I've discovered the amazing variety of personalities in one family as well.