Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It Still Fits

We are preparing to move after 6 years in one house.

6 years!

Maybe that doesn't sound like a long time to you but trust me it is a long time for our family.

So today I was cleaning out my closet, separating out the things to be trashed, given away, packed by the movers, mailed to ourselves, and put in suitcases.

What? Too many categories?  Tell me about it.

So anyway, I sorted through the family pile of swimsuits which lives in my closet.

And I realized that unlike his father and sisters, Imagination Boy owns only one swimsuit.  Not only that, but he has been wearing this exact swimsuit for longer than we have lived in this house.

More than 6 years he has been wearing the same suit.  This suit has been swum in in numerous countries and 3 different continents.  It has been in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

And it still looks pretty good and fits just fine.

Not only that, but I originally bought it used at a school jumble sale for about a quarter.

I do recall it being a bit large on him when we first moved here but it stayed up just fine when you tied the string.

I looked at the tag and it says "age 5-6".  Imagination Boy currently needs to wear a boys size 14 pants to get enough length.  I can only buy the kind that have the elastic pull things to tighten them at the waist.

What can I say.  He is currently shooting up but not filing out.

But still, a used swim suit, still going strong after 6 years, pretty impressive.

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